Our extended family

At APD all of us are part of a family which is together at all good times and not so good times. We party, celebrate, go for picnics, do charities, appreciate and learn together. This gives balance to work life and makes APD an interesting place to be in. Articleship / internship at APD keeps up infusion of fresh blood while veteran team mates add to the stability and impart knowledge. Overall life at APD is full of excitement, learning and fun on the job...Thanks to work environment and spirit of the team members...APD is a preferred workplace amongst articles.

Monthly Birthday celebrations with A.P. Doshi & Co. team
Monthly Birth day celebrations with the team
Corporate Law Training Program for A.P. Doshi & Co team in Mumbai
Corporate Law Training Program for the team in the Mumbai Office
A.P. Doshi & Co team celebrating diwali by giving to unfortunate
CRS - Celebrating Diwali by giving to the unfortunate
Appreciation for A.P. Doshi & Co team member
Pet on Back - on going appreciation initiative for an efficient team member
Holi Celebrations at A.P. Doshi & Co.
Holi Celebration for the team - The festival of colours and friendship
Annual Picnic of A.P. Doshi & Co. near Vasai
Annual Picnic at Silent Resort - Near Vasai
A.P. Doshi & Co. - Team party for Diwali
Team party for Diwali – Traditional day!!
A.P. Doshi & Co. Achievement Celebration for Audit team in 2014
Achievement Celebration for the Audit team in 2014 - For bonding and team spirit
A.P. Doshi & Co. team playing fun game at Durshet Farms for Adventure Camp
A fun game being played while outing along with MyCFO team at Durshet Farms for an Adventure Camp.

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